My name is Julien Ahrens. I’m a hacker.

I have 14+ years of professional IT security background working for companies from various industries and in almost all IT security fields, including compliance, consultation, engineering, and penetration testing. Although my current focus is web application security, I also love to do reverse engineering and mobile security.

Consulting Services

I’ve gone over everything you could possibly want to have. You are one step closer to success!

Penetration Testing

Performing penetration tests against any of your assets, including: Web applications, APIs, IoT devices or thick client applications.

Mobile Penetration Testing

Performing penetration tests against your Android and iOS mobile applications.

Source Code Reviews

Performing source code reviews of your Java, Python, PHP or JavaScript application.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuously monitoring any of your assets, including web applications, APIs, mobile apps or your thick applications.

I have identified 1000+ security vulnerabilities in companies globally