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SLAE: Custom RBIX Shellcode Encoder/Decoder

Anti-Virus and Intrusion Detection Systems could become really nasty during a penetration test. They are often responsible for unstable or ineffective exploit payloads, system lock-downs or even angry penetration testers . […]


City of Cons: 31C3 Meets BSidesHH

While the year 2014 comes to an end, two very interesting conferences have taken place in Hamburg. The annual Chaos Communication Congress 31C3 occupied the Congress Center of Hamburg (CCH) for 4 days and the first […]


SLAE: Egg Hunters (Linux/x86)

Happy Easter everyone! Have you already found all your hidden eggs? No? Then I’ve got the ultimate solution for everyone who’s still missing some eggs ! This assignment in my SecurityTube […]


SLAE: Shell Reverse TCP Shellcode (Linux/x86)

Now Mario meets Luigi….or what’s a bind without a reverse shellcode? I’ve spend some extra time again to reduce the shellcode size and make it fully register aware, so that […]


SLAE: Shell Bind TCP Shellcode (Linux/x86)

Do you like uncommon challenges? At least I do, and that’s the reason why I’ve signed up for the SecurityTube Linux Assembly Expert training. But what’s this all about ? […]