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SLAE: Custom RBIX Shellcode Encoder/Decoder

Anti-Virus and Intrusion Detection Systems¬†could become really nasty during a penetration test. They are often responsible for unstable or ineffective exploit payloads, system lock-downs or even angry penetration testers ūüėČ […]


City of Cons: 31C3 Meets BSidesHH

While¬†the year 2014 comes to an end, two very interesting conferences have taken¬†place in Hamburg. The¬†annual¬†Chaos Communication Congress 31C3¬†occupied the Congress Center of Hamburg (CCH) for 4 days and the¬†first […]


SLAE: Egg Hunters (Linux/x86)

Happy Easter everyone! Have you already found all your hidden eggs? No? Then¬†I’ve got the ultimate solution for everyone who’s still missing some eggs ūüėČ ! This assignment in my […]


SLAE: Shell Reverse TCP Shellcode (Linux/x86)

Now Mario meets Luigi….or what’s a bind without a reverse shellcode? I’ve spend some extra time again to reduce the shellcode size and make it fully register aware, so that […]


SLAE: Shell Bind TCP Shellcode (Linux/x86)

Do you like uncommon challenges? At least I do, and that’s the reason why I’ve signed up for the SecurityTube Linux Assembly Expert training. But what’s this all about ? […]


Easy File Management Web Server v5.3 Exploit-Kung Fu

During the last few days a lot of nice Remote Exploits have been released over at Exploit-DB by one of my followers Harold¬†aka¬†superkojiman¬†targeting applications by EFS Software Inc. First of […]