IT-Security Made In GerMany

Penetration Tests. But different.

Small- and mid-sized organizations often lack the personnel or knowledge to cover their entire digital attack surface. We’re here for you to fill this gap!

Integrate security into your organization

All you have to do is give us your asset information – including domain names, IP addresses and mobile apps and we’ll do the rest.


We’ll talk about your attack surface and you’ll give us permission to monitor it.

ASM Platform Access

We’ll give you access to our attack surface management platform where you can watch all the magic.

The fun part.

Once we’ve got all your digital assets, we start continuously monitoring your assets for security vulnerabilities. All discovered vulnerabilities are evaluated by our certified security analysts to save you more time focusing on your business. You will never get an unchecked report!

Fast & Easy for you

We’ll get in touch proactively if there is a vulnerability found; even with affected vendors!


You’ll get a report which summarizes the identified vulnerabilities and all necessary steps to remediate it.

Additional Benefits!

We understand that the security of your data is important, which is why we store every single byte in German datacenters.

Data Stored in Germany

Elevating our commitment to data security and privacy, all your data is exclusively stored in a datacenter in Germany. We understand the paramount importance of aligning with stringent GDPR regulations, and by choosing our services, you gain the added assurance that your sensitive information is stored in a country renowned for its robust data protection framework


Our platform has helped organizations across the world to secure their infrastructures! 

What do we have to offer

Affordable for any budget.

Attack Surface Management

We continuously monitor your attack surface and notify you of any vulnerabilities discovered.

Penetration Tests

We also perform classic penetration tests against almost any of your assets: web apps and apis, IoT devices or thick client apps.

Source Code Reviews

We also perform source code reviews of applications written in Java, .NET, PHP, Python or JavaScript.

Bug Bounty and VDP Services

Do you want to run your own bug bounty or vulnerability disclosure program? With more than 10 years experience, we have you covered!

Custom IT Security Consulation

We can assist you in security engineering related topics such as how to securely build new apps or APIs.

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