I am happy to announce some really awesome changes!

Do you quit while you’re ahead?
I’ve been blogging on Inshell.net for about 1,5 years now, and during this time I constantly received more and more positive feedbacks from different vendors, I’ve worked with in a responsible disclosure manner. That led to some really challenging paid freelance jobs :-)…and…additionally my bug bounty payouts need to be covered somehow too.

So if you do not want to be hunted down by the German finance authority (and request Russian asylum 😉 ), you have to act quickly. So I’ve registered my self-employment to cover this additional income. I’ve already taken a lot of administrative barriers until here.
Inshell.net is a pretty cool name, but unfortunately the owner of inshell.com didn’t want to sell his domain, so I had to choose another nice and unused domain name – and I guess I hit the mark! It’s simple, it’s cool and says everything you need to know: Remote Code Execution. No time to quit here.

Never change a running system.
I do not want to migrate this blog into a commercial – driven website. The style, articles and the idea will stay the same and there will also be future articles about security vulnerabilities and anything that’s somehow interesting. The content is obviously the main reason why things evolved like they did 🙂

Additionally to the new look-and-feel, you might have noticed the new “Security Services” section covering my offered services. Those are targeted at German small to mid-sized companies at the moment, due to some lame tax limitations. I’m currently working on some other, new features, that’ll be released soon. Stay tuned.

Btw. Some kudos here: This pretty cool logo has been (again) designed by Christian from crilogs.com.