Some days ago…I have found a Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability on – the home of the famous Linux distribution.

Using this bug, an attacker could temporarily inject arbitrary code with required user interaction into the context of the website and therefor a successful exploitation of the vulnerability allows for example cookie theft, session hijacking or (visible) client side context manipulation. This could directly┬álead to the execution of malicious scripts in the client browser and allows -under some circumstances – further exploitation of browser or plugin vulnerabilities, resulting in the worst case scenario: a compromised visitor system.

After the discovery, I’ve reported this bug directly to the support team who have immediatley fixed the issue. At this point I would like to thank Mr. Meissner from the SUSE – Support team for the very friendly and professional way of working and dealing with my report! I’m glad to see, that you care about the security of your visitors ­čÖé !!

SUSE fixes XSS flaw
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