I’ve found a local stack buffer overflow vulnerability in “Free WMA MP3 Converter” version 1.5 which could lead to a remote shell when using the proper shellcode. This exploit is slightly different compared to the others out there: It’s for the newest version and works on Windows XP and Windows 7 x86 and x64 🙂

[IA2] Free WMA MP3 Converter v1.5 (.wav)
Local Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Product:         Free WMA MP3 Converter v1.5
Severity:        Medium
Exploit-Type:    Local
Vendor-URL:      http://www.eusing.com
Advisory-Status: published
References:      -
Contact:         info[a.t]inshell[d.o.t]net

Discovered by: Julien Ahrens

Affected Products:
Free WMA MP3 Converter v1.5

Tested on:
Windows XP SP3 Professional German
Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium German

Free WMA MP3 Converter is an free WMA to MP3 converter which helps you
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WMA to WAV etc. Free WMA MP3 Converter provides optimized default settings.
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2012-01-21: Vendor Notification
2012-01-28: Vendor Notification #2
2012-01-28: Vendor Response/Feedback

Read full advisory and PoC