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Professional Services

I do have 10+ years of professional IT security background working for different companies from industry, to mostly Germany-based consultation companies and online gaming. I’ve worked in almost all IT security areas including network engineering, security consultation, penetration testing, security engineering and PCI DSS compliance. I do also have foreign experience working several months in China.

You can find my complete vita at

Past Customers and Projects

  • Big German dsl/cable modem manufacturer - Performed penetration test against hardware devices
  • Big German domain registrar - Performed penetration test against newly developed web api
  • Big German insurance company - White-box security configuration review
  • Big German transportation company - Performed penetration tests against new web functionality
  • Big Chinese telecomunication provider - Performed penetration tests against new products
  • Mid-sized German cargo company - Performed firewall configuration analysis and maintenance
  • Mid-sized German animal food wholesaler - Secured email infrastructure via configuration review
  • Small-sized German dog food shop - Performed security hardening of the online shop

Highlighted Blog Publications:

  • Uber - Chaining two 0-days to compromise an Uber Wordpress - blog
  • Schneider Electric - Remote Code Execution against IoT - blog
  • Google - Server-Side Request Forgery Leaking Google’s internal DNS information - blog

Consulting Services Offer

I’m working as a freelancer offering the following services to customers:

  1. Penetration Testings targeting:
    • Web applications and web services/apis
    • Thick clients (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
    • Mobile Applications (Android, iOS)
  2. Configuration reviews of:
    • Web infrastructure configurations
    • Firewalls and Web-Application Firewalls
  3. Hacking Trainings for employees

Looking for a freelancer?

Leave me a message at info [a.t] rcesecurity [d.o.t] com

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